What Is This Electronic Music Saying?

What Is This Electronic Music SayingIt’s always fun to listen back at previously composed songs to listen for content instead of character. Trestal’s work from 2009 (availability still restricted) seemed like a reasonable place to start. The electronic music up for examination is light, mellow, glitchy and ambient. Surreal and innovative best describes the song I Admire You. Trestal uses his complete electronic arsenal in this song to inspire a mood of peace, love and tranquility.

The synthesizers, bass, and phased drums are synthetic without being obvious. There is plenty of structure but at the same time minimal without being dissonant. There are still and quiet passages that leak emotion and depth in the track.

Mystery In The Shadows

Eerie yet hypnotic melodies blend in and out mysteriously. If shadows were sounds this track comes close to emulating them. A mild downtempo song that isn’t bottom heavy as you might expect when compared to other Trestal work. The decisive elongated bass notes are indistinguishable, blending gently into the overall song construct. A stark comparison with other tracks on the album When I Sleep.

An Interesting Electronic Music Selection For The Playlist

Interestingly, SomaFM chose this track and the title track When I Sleep to add to their playlist. Maybe because of the minimal laid-back and click-pop nature of both tracks.

This is the perfect song to experience late at night or early in the morning.