Does anybody care about the Grammys?

GrammysIn the video the host asks random strangers if they intend to watch the Grammys. Their reactions sum up my opinion of the music industry these days as a whole. Inconsequential, uncreative and most importantly BORING!

I can’t remember any mainstream song I actually liked in the past 8 years. My playlists start around the year 1920 and end in 1998.

I’m not trying to be a hipster but it’s getting damn hard not being forced into being one! Why are Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift considered the cream of the crop?

Whatever happened to the days when you had to actually possess something called talent to gain recognition?

The Grammys and Talent

I know talent is a foreign concept for many people (especially for my fellow generation Y’ers and younger) but holy crap, at least have some standards! I can only dream of a world where we aren’t constantly bombarded with the nightmarish hog-like screeching of Rihanna at every turn.

I can’t even find myself filtering out the vocals to enjoy the music. Have you ever really listened to the musical content of a Chris Brown song? The music is so weak and generically tame it makes Dane Cook seem like a manly Greco-Roman god and his material cutting edge and groundbreaking.

I’m not asking people to go underground and listen to experimental electronic bebop musicians nobody has ever heard of, just get some damn standards and refuse to accept this crap the music industry attempts to shove down our damn gullets in every entertainment medium available. I know that my positions aren’t exactly maverick-like (or mavericky as Mrs. Palin likes to put it) but I just want to know if there’s more people out there that have as much or more of a disdain at the music industry in its current form. Do you care about the Grammys? If so, why?

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